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This is the website for the Alumni Association for Blacktown Boys High School and Blacktown Girls High School.


You are invited to become a member of the BLACKTOWN HIGH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION if you are an former student of one of the schools. The ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was formed just after the schools’ 50th Birthday Celebrations on 5 September 2009.


Annual General Meeting of the Blacktown High Alumni Association Inc was held in the Mirana Room of the Blacktown Workers Club, 55 Campbell Street, Blacktown on 20 August 2011. Minutes are available on our Events page. The Committee Report is available on the President's Message page.

New Alumni Photo Gallery Page and 'We're looking for' pages launched.

The Annual General Meeting of the Associaton was held on 11 December 2010. The Committee Report is available for download here. Minutes of the AGM are available for dowload here. The following constitute the Committee:

Chris Bryett - President and Acting Secretary;

Susan Batho - Vice President BGHS

Graham Blakman - Vice President BBHS

Charlie Behrens - Treasurer

BBHS Ordinary Members: Barry Calvert, Bob Wynne and Mike Miller.

BGHS Ordinary Members: 3 positions vacant if you can fill one of these please contact us.

The AGM will be held on the third Saturday of August in each year. Next year's AGM will be on 20 August 2011 unless moved by the Committee.

What's happening with the Sports Lab at BBHS? A fire in early October 2010 caused some damage and has delayed the opening. Find out here. Funds have been raised for the Sports Lab and work is underway!

Representatives of the Association attended both BGHS and BBHS graduations in September 2010 to read more about it click here.

The Association Rules as amended at the Annual General Meeting on 11 December 2010 are available here.

Our Association's most recent newsletter is available for download here.



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Alumni Photo Gallery and a page for former students or teachers we're looking for.


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Photos for Girls 1965-1970 here


More 1978 Leaver Photos




ACARA update issue 13 dealing with

  • My School version 2 pre-release information
  • New ACARA roles

is available here.


This a mixed album of reunion and old photos mostly BGHS but some of last two co-ed years more...




1974 BBHS photos here


Photos for Boys 1960-1964 here




Boongarrunby - School Magazines 1958 (Co-ed) to 1965 here


Photos of March reunion are here.




More 1957 BBHS photos here

- including 1st year and 1958 2nd year



Blacktown Boogie



A nomination form for the Management Committee is available here. A proxy form can be found here.


Suggested as our theme song Blacktown Boogie can be listened to here.



The Rock, the symbol of the schools arrived in the mid sixties. It was first thought that it was provided in lieu of educational equipment but later found to be a donation from a quarry in Penrith visited by the girls of BGHS. The Rock has suffered many an insult but 'lives' on today.