President's Message

The Story So Far

What a great journey this has been so far and what an exciting future we have together. In 2008 I was contacted by an Old Boy who had heard from another Old Boy that there was to be a 50th Birthday Celebration for the schools in September 2009. That put in motion the hunt for Old Boys from our 1965-1970 cohort.

By the time we got to 5 September 2009 we had found all but about 11 of 54 6th Form leavers and many of those who had left before.

The Celebrations were a great hit for all who attended. Our thanks to the staff of both schools for arranging the event.

But we then asked "What do we do now"? Do we let these renewed friendships drift? This Association was the result. An Alumni Association that would benefit all ex students from both the Girls and Boys Schools and the current and future students of the schools.

As a natural consequence of its beginnings the Association was skewed to Old Boy membership. We are working hard to create a balance and are now attracting Old Girls as members. We would expect to expand the size of the Management Committee once that balance is close to being achieved.

We are now posting photos of BGHS and will expand these over the coming weeks. If you have any photos of your time at BBHS or BGHS please send them to us for posting.

Naturally, we welcome all ex students as members. The one off joining fee is $10 and annual subscription is $10. The membership application can be downloaded here and either posted or emailed. We will arrange for a nominator and seconder. Fees can be either posted to our PO Box or electronically transferred to the Association's general account. We will provide account details on request. Fees are automatically waived if you attended either school in 2009 or can be waived on a hardship basis on application. Please don't be embarrassed to ask as we want your friendship and assistance.

If you need assistance in finding old class mates please let me know as I have built up a bit of skill in that regard. The 5th year, 6th Form or Year 12 leavers farewell list can be of great assistance.

We arranged for an interim Management Committee pending the Special General Meeting held on 31 January 2010. During this initial period bank accounts were opened, website built and discussion had with BBHS Principal Shaun Addy on suitable projects. Our first projects can be found on the Projects Page. We are naming the Sports Laboratory (gym) after our old mate Jeff Gibson a great all rounder but dux of the school in 1970 and university lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Sydney. He held a PhD from that university. He died 7 years ago from cancer. Jeff's obituary can be read from the link on the Remembered Page.

We have now opened a dialogue with Peter Flowers current Principal of BGHS to discuss suitable projects for BGHS.

You might ask what Old Boys and Old Girls have achieved here is a short list of achievements:

Members of the Judiciary, Medical Specialists including Urologist, Physician and Psychiatrist, General Medical Practitioners, Lawyers, Politicians, very successful Business people, Professor and Associate Professor, Directors or National Managers of well known corporations, well known Actor, Australian Defence Force officers, Structural Engineers, Accountants and Teachers (including the Conservatorium of Music) to name but a few.

We hope to raise funds for both schools on an ongoing basis. Now that the School Building Fund has obtained deductible gift recipient status we will be pressing for donations to assist the schools.

Please also consider making a non tax deductible donation to our donations account either when you join or separately. Details of the account can be obtained by emailing us.

We hope to arrange functions for whole of school which will require reservations or for specific years where numbers warrant.

We have loaded the blog software and as soon as I can master the controls we will launch our blog page. List the blog topics you'd like to blog here.


Chris Bryett

0402 043 040