Current Projects

We currently have two projects to work towards for Blacktown Boys High School. We have no projects for Blacktown Girls High School but we expect this to change soon as we have now met with BGHS principal Peter Flowers.

Gym The Sports Laboratory

We have raised funds to supply the school with a bench press, weights, treadmill, punching bag and other equipment which including painting, electrics and security gate will cost around $13,500.

This equipment will be housed in an area at the industrial arts end of the canteen area which may have been a change room before the assembly hall was built.

In the Sports Lab the boys will be able to work on their own fitness and learn more about bio mechanics and the science of well being.

Work is now underway and here is a recent photos showing the lab freshly painted with the vent being closed off to the toilet area and matting ready to lay out of shot to the left are the showers:

Sports Lab August 2010

Sadly, a fire in early October 2010 damaged the matting and caused extensive smoke damage to the sports lab and the adjacent toilet area. This has pushed the opening back to early 2011.

Jazz EquipmentThe Jazz Quartet

One of the many great things about the school is the quality of music teaching. In order to take advantage of this benefit we are aiming to provide further Jazz/Brass instruments and PA equipment to form a Jazz Quartet. This equipment is estimated to cost around $6,600.00. We're hoping to complete this project by the end of 2010.

We need Donations to fulfill these projects for the current and future students

Whilst we hold some pledges of donations our work will be ongoing for both schools. If you can donate please visit our Services page to identify how you can help.