Any ex student of either Blacktown Boys High School or Blacktown Girls High School is welcome to join the Association. There is a one off joining fee of $10 plus an annual fee of $10. These fees ($20.00) can be waived on hardship grounds or if you left one of the schools last year the joining fee and first annual fee are waived.

You can post or email your signed application we will arrange for your application to be proposed and seconded. Funds can be sent by cheque through the mail or transferred electronically. Details of the bank account will be provided upon request.

To download a membership application and questionnaire click here

Not ready to become a member but still want to be kept up to date?

You can join our mailing list and receive all our newsletters and email newsflashes.
Simply send us an email with "Include me on your mailing list" in the subject line. Please also tell us what year you left school and what year you were in at that time. This helps us to keep students from the same year together.

To download a copy of our rules click here.

For information on making a donation click here.