About Us


Our aim is to provide support for the students and ex-students in several forms:

  1. To provide a website so ex-students can stay in contact.
  2. To provide financial assistance to the schools so they can develop facilities they lack.
  3. Provide a network of mentoring for students and ex-students, to enable them to achieve their potential goals and to assist them to step around any perceived barriers.

Who are we?

We are ex-students who would like to stay in touch with other ex-students, just as we hope you are.

In 2008 some of us who attended the boys school from 1965-1970 heard about the Blacktown High 50th Birthday Celebrations slated for 2009 and began searching out others from our year. We started a newsletter to keep everyone up to date on how things were progrssing, who we had manged to find, etc. Early in the panning, we started "practice runs", get togethers at the Blacktown Workers Club and Blacktown RSL Club. We had terrific fun catching up and swapping stories. A catch cry was adopted of being "Inclusive, Not Exclusive".

Several of us who gained a great deal from BBHS met with the current principal of BBHS, Shaun Addy, in an attempt to give something back to the school that had given us so much. After meeting with Shaun it became apparent that we could include others wo have passed through these hallowed halls of learning so we decided to form the ALUMNI which could be of benefit to existing students of both schools and to ex-students.

Where are we going?

Like all things, the ALUMNI started out small with just some of the members of the 1965-1970 cohort. We are expanding with ex-students from other years joining us.

Our goal is to include as many members as possible from every year from both the boys’ and girls’ schools eventually covering all 50 years (including the few in its early years when it was a coed school) and into the future.

Our first project is to supply a Gym to BBHS at a cost of just over $13,000.00. We hope to achieve this early in 2010.

We are working closely with Principal Shaun Addy of BBHS on this project. All donations supplied to date will be applied to this project. Future donations will also be applied to this project unless you, the donor, state otherwise e.g. a donation may be made for the exclusive use of the girls’ school. When the gym is complete we hope to start a project to benefit BGHS.

We will be holding our Special General Meeting on Sunday 31 January 2010 at 2pm in Norwest Business Park. The location is contained in Newsletter #4 available on request. We invite you to join and attend, please let us know if you are attending at least 7 days before by email.

We emphasise that we do not own the Association. We merely started it for the benefit of the schools, their students and ex-students. THE ASSOCIATION BELONGS TO ALL EX-STUDENTS.

Our members have taken up just about every form of profession, trade and vocation imaginable. We have a huge range of talent and experience with which to assist the schools and their students. We would like you to join us in this endeavour. Everyone of you can contribute and benefit from the experience.

What are we asking for?

We're proud to be a part of this journey and ask you to join us to assist the schools and to join in any social gatherings where possible. We would really appreciate your input.

Naturally, our aim is to extend a helping hand to the schools, their students and to any ex-students with advice and facilities wherever possible.

We also ask that you tell other ex-students of both schools of our existence and invite them to make contact through the feedback page

There is a joining fee of $10.00 and an annual subscription fee of $10.00.  In cases of hardship these fees can be waived. A Membership Application can be found here. The fees can be sent by cheque or paid into our general account details of which will be provided on request. For students who left last year the joining fee and the first year's subscription are waived.

We also ask for donations to help us provide a better educational experience for students of both schools. The Association is about to apply for “Deductible Gift Recipient” status with the Australian Taxation Office which, if successful, will allow donations to be tax deductible. Until this is achieved donations are not deductible, but very much appreciated by the students of the schools who will benefit from your generous act.

If you do not wish to join the Association at this time you can still make a donation to the cause by deposit to our donation account. You can be assured it will be put to good use and only for the benefit of the schools. Donations can be earmarked for the benefit of either school or both. Our donation account details will be provided on request.

Thank you for this opportunity to detail the Association to you. If you have any questions or comments please write, email or ring.

Come and join us!

Chris Bryett

0402 043 040